Preventive Dentistry

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preventative dentistryOur team at Tuscany Dental Centre wants to help maintain a healthy beautiful smile for years to come, and preventive care is an important building block towards that goal. We exam your oral cavity thoroughly to identify any areas of potential damage or decay before they progress, so we can effectively treat the issue to save you valuable time and money. Additionally, we provide customized strategies and tools that may help to protect teeth from potential danger in a variety of circumstances.



Our available preventive services include:


We strongly recommend that both kids and adults visit our office every six months for a check-up and a comprehensive cleaning from our friendly staff. During this cleaning, we gently and thoroughly remove any tartar build up from your teeth, as well as remove any minor stains that may have formed on the enamel. This creates asmooth, improved surface of your smile, which is much less likely to attract plaque and bacteria. We also clean and inspect your gums so as to catch and treat any sign of periodontal disease. Once we are finished, you may leave with a mouth that feels refreshed and revitalized!


Did you know that most tooth decay in kids and teens occurs in the grooves of the back teeth? These areas can be tough to brush effectively because of their position in the mouth. Thankfully, our team can provide an effective solution for patients of every age. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that can be seamlessly applied to these difficult areas. Each one functions as a barrier, helping to protect the tooth from germs and food particles. This preventative measure typically last for five to ten years.